What Are Nootropics – The Real Meaning of Brain Enhancing Drugs and Supplements

Any chemical, whether synthesized in the laboratory or occurring naturally that aims to enhance the brain’s cognitive abilities can be termed as a nootropic. Nootropics are a relatively new class of drugs that is gaining a lot of popularity especially among scholars and individuals in mentally demanding careers. Features of a good nootropic There are several factors that a drug must meet for it to be considered a nootropic. These factors include:

  • Memory enhancement – A good nootropic must be capable be in a position to enhance the rate with which memories are made, stored and consequently accessed. Successful nootropics such as Modafinil are effective memory enhancers.
  • Improve nerve coordination – Nerves are responsible for the communication that takes place in the brain. A good nootropic should enhance this type of communication. This is generally known as cognitive enhancement.
  • Protective abilities – Such conditions for example Alzheimer’s disease are known to cause damage to the outer protective sheaths of the neurons. A nootropic should be capable of protecting against such damage.
  • Protection from shock – It needs that a continuous circulation of fresh air be maintained in and around brain cells. In any case that there is no abundance of fresh air, a nootropic should protect brain cells from sudden limiting shock.
  • Side effects – The fewer side effects a nootropic has the more it will be considered successful. In fact, at no time should a nootropic contain toxic side effects. However, let it not be lied to you that a particular nootropic will be side effects free.

Which is the best nootropic? It is not very practical that you will encounter a drug that perfectly meets all the above explained qualities. In fact, most of the smart drugs beingWhat Are Nootropics – The Real Meaning of Brain Enhancing Drugs and Supplements loosely circulated on the internet today hardly meet the above qualities. A ‘best nootropic’ can be as simple as cup of coffee or as complex as Modafinil. It all depends on the exact results you desire and the cost associated with a particular drug. It is very necessary that you go through the manufacturer’s guidelines on how a certain drug should be used. It is easy to confuse between cognitive enhancing pills and nootropics. For example, drugs that will help you increase alertness or go for more hours without sleep are likely to cause fatigue later in the day after they have depleted from the body and should therefore not be termed as nootropics. Other nootropics for example Adderall are associated with liver toxicity. In fact, Adderall is not fully qualified to be a nootropic bearing since it is associated with toxicity issues.