Limitless pill – true facts and the most popular alternative drugs!

You have definitely thought about the existence of the limitless pill (more known as NZT 48) if you have ever seen the Limitless movie and TV series. You remember the pill from the movie, where Bradley Cooper (Eddie), after taking this synthetically produced smart drug, obtains powerful cognitive abilities and 4 digit IQ as well. The character shows unbelievable ability to learn languages, which have just been spoken, keep in mind and analyze the whole mass of previously perceived information and so on. The limitless pill from the movie is, however, not ideal, as its everyday taking causes uncontrolled Eddie's behavior and inability to keep in mind what has happened in blackouts. Besides, the risk to die because of sudden stopping the drug using exists.

Some true facts about NZT

NZT is characterized as up-to-date and very powerful fictional drug, invented by Hollywood for the purposes of making up interesting story line. It is evidently that buying real limitless pills in the form they appear in the movie is impossible (probably it's good, given the possible side effects). But, it is early to get upset! You can use alternatives of the movie pill, which have almost the same effect and do not have side effects.

Alternatives of the pill

For some people, it has been not easy deal to determine the most appropriate alternative of the limitless drug. They tried energy drinks, sugary ones, and the whole range of various drugs. Several of these methods give a result. The basis implies healthy lifestyle, daily trainings, and right life purposes. But the leader, people have managed to investigate, is a combination of nootropic & nutraceutical substances, which influences cognition, focus, mental agility and motivation dramatically. The substance, which completely reflect positive impact of limitless tablet is still not found. Nevertheless, you are able to use substances, which have almost the same beneficial effect. The following list of the most popular ones will help you to choose the most appropriate for you.

Modafinil drug

Modafinil (you may also meet Provigil on the market) is a drug, which is need to be prescribed if you want to avoid illegal purchasing. It is developed for treating different sleep disorders, in particular narcolepsy. The influential FDA confirmed its drug effect in 1998. Modafinil medical remedy is designed for performance level enhancing, reaction time and adults vigilance improving. Many patients have proved the effectiveness of taking this drug. However, side effects also exists.

Adderall/Ritalin drug

Adderall is also the type of drug, which using without the prescription, given by your doctor, is illegal. This drug is considered a remedy for narcolepsy and ADHD treating; it obtained the FDA’s approval in 1996. Being an effective medication for ADHD, Adderall, is taken for controlling insomnia. Adderall (which is actually amphetamine drug) is considered an officially approved version of meth, having a great number of adverse effects.