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L-theanine for brain enhancement: using tea, pills, & sport supplements!

L-theanine is the natural amino acid belonging to the group of nootropics. It is a unique natural relaxant and an antidepressant that provides amazing health benefits. It has been experimentally proven that in 30 minutes after the administration of L-theanine, the human brain changes the character of activity: instead of "stressful" beta waves, "relaxing" alpha waves begin to emit. Scientists know four types of waves present in human brain. Alpha waves prevail when a person is in a calm and harmonious mental state, as well as in a state of meditation...

When we are under constant stress and anxiety, we lack these states of consciousness. Under the influence of L-theanine, the release of dopamine begins. Dopamine is known as the hormone of love, joy and pleasure. The body produces this neurotransmitter when a person feels joy and experiences a state of happiness. Therefore, as a result of taking L-theanine, the mood improves and the mind clears up. You calm down and relax.

L-theanine for brain enhancement: using tea, pills, & sport supplements!

Effects of L-theanine

Usually brain enhancement pills with L-theanine contain at least 200-250 mg of the active substance. Administration of 200-500 mg of L-theanine per day contributes to:

  • brain enhancement, maintenance of mental activity and good mood;
  • tranquility, relaxation and, at the same time, preserving the clarity of mind and consciousness;
  • normalization of pressure.

The substance does not reduce concentration. It doesn’t cause drowsiness or addiction either. The combination of the extract of green tea with L-theanine is associated with an improvement in the immediate and delayed reproduction of the total memory, according to data published in the Foods journal. Regular use of green tea and supplements (pills) with theanine increases the ability of a person to live to old age with clear consciousness. The substance significantly reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease and sclerosis.

L-Theanine in tea

When drinking brewed tea, a person receives only a small amount of theanine since it is firmly connected with the molecular structures of the tea leaf, and the usual brewing is not able to completely release it into the solution. In boiled tea, theanine is contained in minimal amounts - 10-20 mg in one cup. However, an effective daily dosage for brain enhancement is at least 200 mg. Only a special production technology allows getting a pure theanine. Only strict conditions of boiling at elevated pressure, when temperature of water rises to 127 ° С, allows to fully extract theanine into the solution. It is known that Russian prisoners in jails appreciate tea because they have the skill of special tea brewing, when the brew is poured out, and the remaining tea mass boils for a long time. The drink is called chifir. One dosage of chifir requires 2-3 tablespoons of black tea.

L-Theanine in sports nutrition

L-Theanine is a part of pre-training supplements and fat burners. This substance can neutralize the side effects of other stimulants (in particular, caffeine and ephedrine). In addition, it relieves tension and irritability. Some sports supplements with theanine include Animal Cuts by Universal Nutrition and L-Theanine by NOW.