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What Are Nootropics – The Real Meaning of Brain Enhancing Drugs and Supplements

Any chemical, whether synthesized in the laboratory or occurring naturally that aims to enhance the brain’s cognitive abilities can be termed as a nootropic. Nootropics are a relatively new class of drugs that is gaining a lot of popularity especially among scholars and individuals in mentally demanding careers. Features of a good nootropic There are several factors that a drug must meet for it to be considered a nootropic. These factors include:

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Limitless pill – true facts and the most popular alternative drugs!

You have definitely thought about the existence of the limitless pill (more known as NZT 48) if you have ever seen the Limitless movie and TV series. You remember the pill from the movie, where Bradley Cooper (Eddie), after taking this synthetically produced smart drug, obtains powerful cognitive abilities and 4 digit IQ as well. The character shows unbelievable ability to learn languages, which have just been spoken, keep in mind and analyze the whole mass of previously perceived information and so on. The limitless pill from the movie is, however, not ideal, as its everyday taking causes uncontrolled Eddie's behavior and inability to keep in mind what has happened in blackouts. Besides, the risk to die because of sudden stopping the drug using exists.

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